Monday, April 11, 2011

A Visit to the Farm

Well, I dropped the incubator off at the farm yesterday. A5 was there, hatched and breathing, but I received word not long after that that the sweet little blond chick had died. It seems that the later they hatch, the less likely they are to live and hatching yesterday was a very late hatch.

While I was there I got to visit Jeannie (the little black chick). She is doing well and is getting acclimated to her new home with lots of other chicks and chickens. The pretty rooster pictured here is actually one of the chicks we hatched last year! Amazing! He could actually be the daddy of some of the chicks we hatched this year! Oh, the amazing circle of life.

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  1. Broadway Gal, I think you should revisit the chicks at the farm throughout the year and continue posting photos and blogs about their progress. (Good job for one of your SLIS interns, no?) Your readers want the story to continue! (Like a great novel or television series.)