Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time to do the Chicken Dance!

It's today!  It's today!  Today is the day we get the eggs for the 2012 Chick Hatch at the Mooresville Public Library!  This is Broadway Gal, here to keep you abreast of all the Chick Happenings! 
To be honest, we aren't as ready this year as we were last year.  This is probably due to the fact that we had a great hatch last year and so now we are getting lax in our preparations.  I do have the following done:

Incubator up from the basement - check
Incubator cleaned - check
Incubator set at 99.5 degrees - check

But I still have a lot to do:
  • Bench behind window
  • Pull books on chickens and eggs (which should I pull first, I wonder?)
  • Put up Chick Development Poster
  • Print out posters
  • Print out Chick Packets
And of course, today we will be very busy!  Today we have to install the egg turner in the incubator (ours is a little shady, so we will be borrowing Chicken Lady's), also install the humidity measuring device (can't remember what this is actually called...a hydrometer?  Must read all blog posts from last year!!), and number all eggs and place in incubator.  I was thinking that we need to do the descriptions of each egg (no...not all eggs are white!) but we will do that next week when we candle for the first time. 

I'm super egg-cited.  Wild Thang is ready to have it all over with already!  I love this video.  Love the numa numa song and basically it's how I feel about the chicks.  Can't wait till they start hatching!!

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  1. Wish I could spin on my head like that video chick. Maybe I need a digital avatar? Just saying.